Best Ayurvedic Herbs With Their Health Benefits To Lose Weight

Obesity is a rising public health threat that can affect any person at any stage of the lifecycle. It is hazardous for the healthiness and can also decrease confidence among individuals. Excessive body weight can be the reason behind several health diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, and many more. Unnecessary weight can also impact the mental health of an individual causing stress and depression-like problems. Thankfully, one can stay fit and lose those additional kilos with the correct approach. Ayurvedic herbs for weight loss along with proper diet control and lifestyle management is what an individual needs to stay healthy and fit.

How Is Ayurveda Helpful in the Weight Loss Process?

According to Ayurveda, an individual tends to gain weight due to the factors like unhealthy diet, oversleeping, poor way of living, and the absence of exercise. All such factors lead to a certain state of fat accumulation or obesity. The increase of the fat tissues blocks all the channels in the digestive system, which leads to weight gain. Ayurveda helps in cleansing up the body channels from the inside called the detoxification process. Doing detox once a week reinforce the liver functions and cleanse the system from destructive toxins.

Ayurveda also helps in maintaining the adequate balance between the doshas of the body. Doshas' stability enhances the functioning and metabolism of the body; thus, making it disease-free. Additionally, Ayurveda suggests some natural herbs that help in reducing body weight. It promises not only to lose weight but also keeps people away from abundant lifestyle diseases.

Top Ayurvedic Herbs For Weight Loss

  • Ashwagandha

This Ayurvedic herb possesses antibacterial, antioxidant, and anticonvulsant properties. Ashwagandha is well known for its anti-stress effect and adapt genic property Taking VANESHA Ashwagandha tablets helps in reducing the bad LDL cholesterol levels, boost immunity, and helps lose body weight.

  • Ginger

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, helps in balancing blood sugar levels, and also prevents overeating. It contains compounds called gingerols and shogaols that stimulate biological activities. One can take ginger water along with a healthy diet that helps in weight loss. As per VANESHA Healthcare, the intake of ginger and lemon together boost metabolism and helps lose weight.


  • Guggul

This herbal remedy contains a plant sterol called guggulsterone that stimulates the body’s metabolism and promotes weight loss. It helps in detoxification, promotes triglyceride levels, and lowering bad cholesterol in the body. The intake of guggul tea helps maintain body weight and keep the body healthy.

  • Punarnava

The diuretic properties of Punarnava help the urinary bladder and kidney to function better. It helps in flushing out toxins without the loss of necessary minerals like electrolytes from the body. It also helps in managing digestive problems like constipation and helps lose weight.

  • Cinnamon

Also famous as Dalchini, it helps in improving the metabolism of the body and thus in reducing body weight. According to a study, cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon encourage the metabolism of the fatty visceral tissue, which is helpful in weight loss. One can use this natural herb in food preparations, tea, or in powdered form to get the supreme benefits.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has a bioactive compound named curcuminoids that has the power to overwhelm the growth of fat tissue. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels in the body, evading insulin resistance, and losing weight. One can consume it in tablet form or by adding it to milk. Drinking turmeric tea frequently, as suggested by VANESHA Healthcare, accelerates digestion, enhances metabolism, and restricts the increase in fat cells.


  • Triphala

This Ayurvedic herb supports the digestive system of the human body and rejuvenates crucial energy. It is an ancient preparation made using three dried fruits haritaki, amla, and bibhitaki. All these constituents have to revitalize and cleansing properties. As per Ayurvedic experts, Triphala eradicates toxins from the body. It plays a vital role in detoxification, endorses Ojas, which produces luster in the skin and prevents disease. Taking Triphala churna in hot water before breakfast and at least two hours after dinner is beneficial for the body.

An unhealthy standard of living and a busy lifestyle may lead to weight gain. People with extreme weight may suffer from hypertension, hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol levels, and other health-related issues. The consumption of the above-mentioned Ayurvedic herbs along with healthy lifestyle changes will help people to lose weight.