Jamun (Indian Blackberry) For Diabetes - 4 Reasons Why You Must Eat It!

Mansoon markets are right up for delicious, healthy, and nutritious fruits. Jamun is flooded over Indian markets that are popular for less carbohydrate content. This Indian Blackberry has been recognized with several names considering Jamun for Hindi, Mahaphala, or Jambufalam in Sanskrit, Neredu in Telugu, and much more.

This seasonal fruit has maximum benefits for a diabetic person that reduces sugar content in the body with its low carb content. However, the combination of Kerala Juice and Jamun is available throughout the year which is a natural remedy to cure diabetes. The juicy blackberries are known for their ayurvedic treatment and for Chinese medicine.



Though Jamun isn't available for all 365 days, different juices are available which are highly rich in Vitamins, proteins, magnesium, potassium, and many other essential nutrients. This juice is a combination of optimized ingredients with high fiber and fewer calories.

How to Intake Jamun Juice?

It is the best option to include fresh Jamun juice in your dietary habits as a part of morning breakfast. However, you can even drink it at any time you like. It can be a perfect evening drink. Jamun Juice available with Vanesha is a perfect choice with no added preservatives. It provides the best and fresh Jamun juice which is perfect for a diabetic patient.

Best Benefits of Jamun Juice

The anti-diabetic properties of Jamun juice are a blended mixture prepared with its seeds. Also, this juice is a perfect choice to manage blood cholesterol levels and improves energy. The best part of having this juice in your dietary habits is digestion improvement by keeping the digestive tract clean and free from toxins.

Some of the best benefits of Jamun Juice include:


This multi-rich juice is abundant in Vitamin A and C which keeps your body free from toxins. It is a full pack of antioxidants that keeps the body protected from free radicals and hence improves immunity.

Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Jamun is rich in its antioxidants properties which is a perfect choice for good heart health. Thus it is a good choice for keeping cholesterol level and blood pressure in control and thus reducing the risk of having any cardiovascular disease.

Improves Body Digestion:

Usually, doctors recommend having Jamun juice for people having digestion problems. It is the right choice for having a healthy stomach and prevents you from having diarrhea or irritable digestion. Thus it provides you with the best cooling effects on your digestive system.

Good for Eyes and Skin Health:

Being a rich source of vitamin A and C, Jamun juice shows benefits for your good skin and eye health. It is an alternative to other coolants preferred during summers. It shows the perfect anti-bacterial and healing properties that can cure many health issues.

The right food is perfect only when taken in an appropriate amount. Excess Jamun juice can even reduce your blood sugar to a great extent which is not good. Milk after blackberry juice is not good. It can give rise to some stomach disorders. Also, it is not a perfect choice for an empty stomach. Be very cautious about what you are having in your diet if you are a diabetic patient. If you will have this juice in excess, you might face an accumulation of sputum in your lungs. It might further lead to raising body temperature.

Frequently Answered Questions

  • Is Jamun Juice good for weight loss?

Jamun juice is known to improve body metabolism. Thus your body will face weight loss due to unwanted fat deposits. However, the results are not frequent, but it is a perfect alternative to any other dietary plan for weight loss.

  • Are there any side effects of having Jamun Juice?

Women having gestational diabetes should avoid having this juice as it can lower blood sugar levels to a great extent. Thus it might bring adverse effects to the body. Also, intaking this juice on an empty stomach might lead to hypoglycemia.

  • Which is the perfect time to drink Jamun Juice?

It is beneficial to have Jamun Juice as an evening or a part of morning breakfast. Also, the combination of Bitter gourd with Jamun is a wholesome choice for improving your dietary habits.