Top Indoor Plants for COVID-19 Patients To Increase Oxygen Level

A significant number of COVID-19 patients are experiencing shortness of breath and low oxygen levels, which makes this disease life-threatening. A lack of enough oxygen in the body can lead to deadly cardiovascular conditions. That is why; coronavirus patients suffering from low oxygen levels seek the options like oxygen cylinders. Apart from it, there are several natural alternatives for increasing oxygen indoors and air quality beneficial for both body and mind. It’s indoor plants that are not only decorative but also serve as efficient air purifiers. Readout below how indoor plants beneficial and the list of best plants for coronavirus patients at home to increase the oxygen level.

How Indoor Plants Helpful For COVID-19 Patients?

Plants convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Some plants have the wonderful ability to remove toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and others from the air. In the coronavirus pandemic, the requirement for houseplants is more than ever. Many people are now preferring self-quarantine or home isolation due to which the air quality in such enclosed spaces gets more polluted. NASA stated that indoor plants are one of the effective ways to purify the air naturally. These plants can eradicate toxins in the air surrounding them plus help COVID-19 patients improving their oxygen levels. Some of the benefits of houseplants in this pandemic involve:

  • Air Purifiers: It is crucial to breathe in the air, which is free of toxins, and clean, air-purifying houseplants are beneficial. Houseplants help in eliminating dangerous chemicals like xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, and more, and thus purifies air effectively.
  • Enhance Oxygen Levels: Indoor plants take carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and release oxygen. Thus, these plants help in increasing oxygen levels among coronavirus patients.
  • Relieve Stress: By improving the quality of air, houseplants help lessen the occurrence of headaches. Indoor plants help in enhancing mood, reducing fatigue, and thus lowering stress by freshening the air.

Best Air Purifying Houseplants For Better Air Quality

  • Snake Plant:

Also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, this plant is considered one of the efficient in oxygen production. Place it in the bedroom and it will purify the air by removing xylene, benzene, and trichloroethylene. It is well-known for absorbing cancer-causing pollutants and serves as a magnificent defense against airborne allergies. The plant loos beautiful with different shades of green, yellow, and grey on the foliage, and unique shape leaves. This plant does well in window light and should be watered once a week. It is unique for its oxygen production at night time.



  • Monstera Plant:

There are different variants such as Monstera Borsigiana, Monstera Deliciosa, and Monstera Adasonii. Vivid colors and its perforated leaves make people fall in love with this plant. It not only has an exotic look but also purifies the air. The plant grows rapidly and effortless to take care of.

  • The Weeping Fig:

Commonly known as the Ficus plant, it is well-considered as an air cleanser. It is an air purifying plant that improves the air quality and can be placed anywhere in the house. This plant is not only aesthetically appealing, but also cleanses the air by eliminating toxins like benzene, xylene, and more.

  • Areca Palm:

Like every plant, Areca Palm releases oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. Place it in the living room, and it will purify the environment by removing harmful chemicals like toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde. The plant requires maintenance and should get often watered and placed in filtered light.

  • Money Plant:

This plant is well-known for its ability to remove pollutants and chemicals from the environment. It is toxic to dogs, cats, and small children; but renowned for its high purification rate. It is also known as Pothos or Devil’s Ivy and effectively eradicates airborne pollutants like benzene, carbon monoxide, and many more. It is available at any garden store and grows both in soil and water. This plant grows well in light areas or bright indirect light.

Acquiring a houseplant is not only a great idea but also a financial and safe option in the COVID-19 pandemic. Indoor plants are the best natural humidifiers and versatile purifing the air by removing pollutants and providing enough oxygen.